Upper China

Upper China is a boutique studio owned and operated by singer / songwriter / producer Paul Cargnello. The studio is located in the heart of Montreal. It’s equipped with quality instruments, including a blend of digital and analogue recording equipment. While most of the time it’s Paul Cargnello’s stomping ground for producing beats and recording albums, it has also been used for pre-production by Grammy-winning producer Neal Pogue as well as rehearsal space by American singer-songwriter Ben Harper.


Artists who have graced Upper China Studios with their presence...

  • Aiza
  • Alan Prater
  • Anna McGarrigle
  • Busty & The Bass
  • Clerel
  • Dany Laj & The Looks
  • Dr. Mad
  • David Marin
  • Emeraude
  • Fredy V
  • Grim Skunk
  • Illa J
  • Jonathan Emile
  • JP Couët
  • Karma Atchykah
  • Lakes Of Canada
  • Martha Wainwright
  • Mello G
  • Narcy
  • Only The Righteous
  • Pierre-Alain Faucon
  • Pussy Stench
  • Sarah MK
  • Satellītes
  • Sereni T
  • Shem G
  • Small Talk
  • Stefie Shock
  • Tomas Jensen
  • Wasiu
  • Wayne Tennant
  • Wesli